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Classic Guest Comments

What our guests have written in our guest book over the years

“Classic” Guest Book Entries



June 1934                   Queen Alexander                  Columbus, Ohio


"A 'Mooring' of hospitality and charm"


April 1934                  Arthur Snow                         Providence, RI


"A perfect bathroom with a hook for a razor strop"


October 1934             Louis Liggett                          Chestnut Hill, MA


"I’ve had a wonderful time—sorry some of guests couldn’t play poker"


June 1935                   Hope Pearsall                         Newton Centre, MA


"The older we grow, the more we realize that all that counts in life is friends"


August 1938               Harold Robinson                   Wellesley, MA


"Caught a tinker mackerel soon after 5AM and ate it soon after 8AM"


September 1942       Warner Groom Morton        Albany, NY


"We drank all Martin’s scotch, we ate all Reina’s clams, I guess I’ve been converted to a Bayville Mooring fan!"


August 1946              Jane M. Griffin                      Saratoga Springs


"The best visit I’ve ever had! Super hosts!"


September 1951         John and June Howard        Brockton, MA


"Weather this weekend, better than mid-August, martinis the same!"


September 1953         Bill and Bunny Pearson        Needham, MA


"Here we are again after 22 years; let’s behave this time!!"




June 2005                   Hannah Y.                             Boynton Beach, FL




July 2005        Robert and Katherine S. & Family    North Hampton, New Hampshire


"We have enjoyed our week-all 12 of us!  Thank You!"


September 2005         Kraft Family and Friends                New Jersey


"Our first visit to Maine, we can’t wait to get back-we had a terrific time!"


September 2005         Lynne and Allen                    Massachusetts


"You put Maine in our hearts-Thank you!"


August 2006               Bailey Family                         Kansas


"Very comfortable cottage. We enjoyed our stay and had the best of Maine weather!"


August 2007               Potier Family                         All over the USA


"Awesome family reunion, wonderful house, beautiful scenery-Thanks for sharing!"


July 2008                    Colby, Lindquist, Pallis, Yale   ME,NJ,CA,CT


"Great times! Loved swimming off the dock, porch was our favorite spot,

wonderful family reunion!"


August 2008               Woodly, Grimes, Parker       South Carolina


"Great family home-tons of fun, nice to be in cool weather in August!"


August 2008               The Walshs                            Massachusetts


"Beautiful place, peaceful and quiet!"


September 2008         Andrew  Hixon                      Wisconsin


"The Mooring continues to rejuvenate! A pleasure just to be…"


October 2008             Jerry & Pilar                         Colorado

"What a blessing this home is for you. We enjoyed being here every day.

Thanks so much!"